Volkswagen and Ford will join forces to develop the new Ranger

Ford Ranger Raptor

The global automotive sector advances at a speed of vertigo. The Detroit Motor Show was to witness a remarkable event: Ford and Volkswagen would publicly sign their alliance. However, at the last moment, both constructors canceled their appearance to finish off some fringes. However, there are many details that are already known, and among them, there is one of importance.

As we told you at the time, Volkswagen needs Ford , like this one from the first one. The reason is simple: Ford has to reduce its losses in Europe and Volkswagen grow in the United States. Therefore, they have decided to join forces in fields as varied as autonomous driving , industrial or electric vehicles. In addition, the development of a new pick up that will help both grow globally.

The alliance is not yet official, but the pick-up will arrive safely

 Volkswage Amarok 2016 face wash

Everyone knows that the current generation of the Ford Ranger is close to finalizing its commercial cycle. If we add that the Volkswagen Amarok is in years, the equation to solve is simple. Thus, the signing of the blue oval can start the development of a new generation and its German ally take advantage of its know how to give life to the relief of the Amarok.

According to the first information, the first models emerged from this alliance They will arrive at the market in 2022 . Thus, the current Ranger and Amarok will still have to endure three years on sale. However, both products are expected to have a sufficiently differentiated design so that customers do not run away from other brands. In addition, on a mechanical level we could find some surprise, because some hybrid version could arrive.

Be that as it may, and although Volkswagen will benefit from the knowledge of Ford in this field, is the American firm who will benefit the most. Today, the American house has lagged behind in electric vehicles and as is the market, they are vital. In any case, Volkswagen has acknowledged that they are weak in the industrial segment and, thanks to their new partner, they will be able to launch a new model on the Transit platform.

Time to time, gentlemen , what this promises.

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