The smoke of our car

Car smoke colors

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Knowing the smoke color that comes from the exhaust of your car, it can detect a mechanical problem . The most normal thing is that there are three different colors for the smoke: white , blue and black . Each case suggests a different problem, so below we will give you the keys so you know what the possible breakdown is.

Although there are exceptions, you should be clear about what a priori means the color of the smoke . Each of them is due to a substance that should not be there, that is not in the right proportion or that does not burn well:

  • White : it is usually related to water or refrigerant (which is basically water with additives).
  • Blue : this is oil burning
  • Black : often a problem with the combustion of the fuel

White smoke

White smoke through the exhaust pipe of the car

If white smoke comes out of the exhaust, it can be due to several causes. That's why, to hit with what does not work well, you'll also have to look at the smell and the behavior of the car. Here are the various possibilities:

White smoke with cold engine without odor

If that smoke comes out when turned on the engine in cold, can be simply condensed water whose steam disappears in a few minutes circulating.

Very dense white smoke

This happens when water or coolant enters the cylinders , evaporating with the fuel. You should check the car as soon as possible, to see where it enters the cylinders. If you open the oil plug and see a brown paste , it means that it has mixed with the oil. Another good indicator is that the car loses coolant , so check out the level. If you really confirm this problem, it is best to take the car directly to the workshop for repair.

Very dense white smoke from the exhaust pipe of the car

White smoke with the diesel engine cold with the smell of fuel

If smoke comes out of this color accompanied by a strong smell of fuel , it is because the combustion is not done correctly. The white smoke is not steam, but it is the evaporated fuel that could not be ignited. This may be due to a problem with the diesel heaters, which do not work properly and the engine does not burn well until it heats up. It may also turn gray in these cases.

White smoke with the hot diesel engine

If white smoke is also released when the engine is hot may be due to a poor ratio between fuel and air.The fault may be in the gasket of the cylinder head of the car or in the cooling system. Turn off the engine immediately and call a tow truck to pick you up and take you to a workshop. If this is your case, it is worth taking a look at the article: Why does a car engine overheat?

Blue smoke

Blue smoke from the tailpipe

Blue smoke and burnt smell

We can also find that our car emits blue smoke through the exhaust pipe with a strong burnt oil smell . In this case, it means that motor oil enters the combustion chambers, where it burns with each of the explosions. It usually happens in older cars with more kilometers.

The problem is with the tightness of the cylinder-piston assembly and the segments. To solve this, we can use a denser type of oil , which helps it not pass through the combustion chamber so easily.

Smoke blue and power loss

The blue smoke can also be due to the turbo of our car, in case you take it. If so, it is advisable to check the turbo as it may be in poor condition and put oil through the intake .

Smoke black

Finally, we have black smoke. This color may be due to the excess fuel that enters the cylinders and therefore does not burn correctly . It will be necessary to check the injection system of our car to find out where the problem lies.

If our car emits black smoke at low revs and it is diesel , we have the problem in the carbon that forms in these engines. To reduce the amount of smoke expelled, it is good to take the car at about 3,000 rpm for five or ten minutes to clean the exhaust and stop smoking black smoke. In addition, it is a highly recommended advice in case we have to go to the ITV.

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