The generational relay of the Ford EcoSport is very advanced

Ford EcoSport 2018

The American manufacturer Ford Motor Company is immersed in the renovation of its range. Good proof of this is that, in a matter of three years, they have launched two new models and restyling others. One of the most important has been the seventh generation of Fiesta ​​strong>, one of the best-selling cities in Europe. For this reason, it is not surprising that the generational change of Ford EcoSport is approaching in time.

The current generation of Ford EcoSport has come to the world in the year 2013 on the platform of the Fiesta ​​strong> of the sixth generation. However, previously there was another iteration that was only commercialized in Latin America, between 2003 and 2012. However, the EcoSport that we know today in Europe , has not achieved the sales objectives that the Mark had thought for him. Thus, those responsible for Ford are already working on their relay.

New design and bigger internal size

Ford EcoSport 2018

At the technical level, it will be developed on the same platform as the current Fiesta ​​strong>. In this way, you can increase your wheelbase to favor the interior space and boot capacity. Thanks to her, the mechanical range will consist of the famous gasoline blocks EcoBoost and diesel EcoBlue . For now, it is unknown if it would have a hybrid or electric version, although this future will necessarily be linked to the Fiesta.

The aesthetics of the next Ford EcoSport It will also undergo a big change. As we can see in the test mules (despite having great camouflage), will abandon the current lines to move to other softer. Thus, optical groups and grill will bring you closer to the new Fiesta, although of course, it will have its own elements. Here we can place the bars for the roof, the plastic protections or the format of your body.

The next EcoSport will complement the Fiesta range in the high zone, because it will be located above the Active. However, the technical development of this new B-SUV is global, because although engineers have thought more about Europe, it will be tuned for other regions from our version. Its arrival on the market is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020 , so at some point 2019 will be revealed.

It will be necessary to see the evolution and above all, if the public welcomes you, because Ford is playing its future.

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