The Ford F-150 electric is getting closer to being a reality

Ford F-150

Traditionally the pick-up segment has been caught by a few brands. Until a decade ago were Toyota, Ford , Nissan, Mitsubishi and General Motors the top exponents in this world. However, the irruption of electrification and new signatures alien to it is altering it. The most prominent members are the Tesla Model Y and Rivian R1T . For this reason, the most traditional firms are accelerating their future plans.

Ford is one of them, because the F-150 Series is a model mythical and very important for her in United States . Therefore, the development of a fully electric version has become a priority for the American firm. However, we were unaware that the project could be so advanced, since Jim Farley, president of international operations of the brand, has confirmed this in the Detroit Motor Show .

A hybrid version of the Ford F-150 is also on its way

Ford F-150

As Farley acknowledged, the F Series is the best-selling pick up in the United States and worldwide. Therefore, they have to respond as is due to the incursion of Tesla and Rivian in this segment of the market. Therefore, in addition to announcing that the development of a Ford F-150 one hundred percent electric is very advanced, has confirmed that there will be a hybrid version .

As they announced some time ago, the future plan of Ford goes through the SUVs, SUVs and trucks . Thus, Farley confirmed that up to 90 percent of its capital is invested in these niches and therefore, have to get ahead of their rivals. To do this, they have to offer electrical and plug-in hybrid solutions in almost all their range. However, he did not confirm which other models of the F Series will have this type of power plants.

In any case, to date the signature of the blue oval has still given official technical data ​​p> strong> on the Ford F-150 electric and plug-in hybrid. It is to understand that it will be a hundred percent own development, because a power plant of this type does not develop from one day to another and therefore, Volkswagen would not have gotten their hands. We will have to wait for news, although it seems that it will not be long before we arrive.

Source - Ford

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