The first electric Dacia will be ready to reach the market in 2020

Renault K-ZE

The past International Motor Show in Paris brought us a pleasant surprise. Renault presented the whole world with its vision of what the electric vehicle will look like for the people, the K-ZE . This model, which was part of the segment A SUVs, had an electric motor and a battery pack that offered a autonomy of 250 kilometers .

The Renault K-ZE , for now will only reach the Chinese market, but Dacia has a solution. As we all know, the Romanian firm is in charge of covering the entrance segment to the range of the French manufacturer. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Renault Group assigned him the task of developing his own version. Now, we know that you are working on your adaptation and that you should be in the market in 2020 .

Electric Dacia, with Renault technology

Dacia Sandero Urban Stepway

This news was given by the same Jean Christophe Kugler , the head of Dacia for Europe . According to reported, the firm's electric will be affordable and would have an approximate range of 200 kilometers . These have been the only official data he has provided, although you do not have to be a lynx to understand that his technical development is the same as that of Renault K-ZE .

It could also occur another situation, not at all disposable. The current generation of the Renault ZOE is about to be relieved by another. Throughout the years it has been on sale, it has seen modified, and increased, the capacity of its engine and battery pack . Therefore, Dacia could pull these mechanical organs, which are already depreciated, and give them a second chance. In this way, the economic performance would remain positive and would cover part of the costs for the development of new electric propellers.

In any case, Dacia has confirmed that its first one hundred percent electric car will be a reality in the next decade. This fact situates its arrival in the market in 2020 or early 2021. In any case, the Romanian house is determined to hit the table and show the world what they are capable of. Of course, counting on the advances of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, everything becomes easier.

Source - Dacia

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