Test Kia ProCeed GT 1.6 T-GDi 204 HP

Test Kia ProCeed GT

While the traditional automotive brands have been established for decades in Europe maintains a too-continuous strategy, Asian firms such as Kia or Hyundai continue to give a lesson in progress by leaps and bounds. Proof of this is the new product that we are going to analyze today in Actualidad Motor.

This time we have moved to the city of Barcelona to test, in its international presentation, the recent incorporation of Kia, the Kia ProCeed GT , the sportiest version of this new body not previously seen in the company. As you can imagine, it is derived from the Ceed model, but it is not the most practical family body. I'll tell you more in detail, because we've even been able to drive it on the circuit .

Before starting the review of the new ProCeed GT I'd like to leave you some interesting data achieved by the brand in 2018 in Spain, as they have broken their sales record with 65,800 units - growing by 16% and obtaining a market share of 5.2% - or have been the third best-selling brand among particular market, which is a great merit.

An elegant, sporty and practical body shooting brake

As I said before, the Kia ProCeed is derived from the new Ceed, but has little to do with the ProCee ' d of previous generation. It is still the passionate and more emotional body of the compact model, but it is no longer a three-dimensional-sized door. This time the designers have opted for a dynamic style but much more usable and practical , because the three doors already cost a lot to sell them. It is increasingly difficult to find a new compact three-door.

Kia ProCeed front profile

Thus, the South Korean firm presents this new Kia ProCeed as a shooting brake . Yes, a shooting brake in a generalist brand that a little over a decade ago was a "poor brand", with very cheap and low quality cars. According to Kia Spain, expect to sell about 600 units per year of this new body, so its volume in our country will not be high. It will be more complicated to see a Kia ProCeed GT like the one you see in images.

The Kia ProCeed is only available, at least for the moment, with the GT-Line finishing levels and GT.

The Kia ProCeed maintains the front of its 5-door brother . In the case of the GT, which also marks the face, the dynamic LED headlights with the curious Tiger-Nose grille stand out. And I say curious because it has the contour in chrome finish, while the interior screening is finished in black but with a small part in red, creating a striking visual effect.The silhouette is a mixture between the 5 doors and the familiar Tourer. It is characterized by a very soft roof drop, drawing an arched line from the front pillar to the rear, achieving these characteristics of the side windows. It also adds a small top spoiler.

The multi-spoke wheels are 18 inches and mount Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires, hiding 320 mm brakes on the front axle. It also shows a lower body height, being 10 mm closer to the ground than in the other versions. Finally, the contours of the chrome windows provide that elegant touch that should not be missed in a shooting brake.

The Kia Ceed Tourer, the body family, will arrive in Spain during the next month of March.
Test Kia ProCeed GT rear

If we turn a little more and we see her backside , she highlights mainly the lights pilots . Personally, I think that the Kia ProCeed rearguard is very reminiscent of the Porsche Panamera, specifically the Sport Tourism; first, by the arrangement of lights and that horizontal LED strip that unites them; and second, because they have also put the inscription of the model in the center of the trunk, next to the logo of the brand. We do not forget the bright black diffuser with two chromed exhaust cannulas.

An interior without luxuries but well resolved and sufciently spacious

Passing already inside, in the cabin we receive a dashboard and elements identical to those of the Kia Ceed in its design . Being in the Kia Proceed GT, as in the Ceed GT, there are certain variations to increase the sportsmanship with respect to the conventional versions, like a specific steering wheel in the shape of "D", some seams in red and aluminum pedals and footrests. They are standard sports seats upholstered in suede and leather with red stitching and the inscription GT on the backrest.

Test Kia ProCeed GT interior design

Regarding the materials used and the feeling of quality , the truth is that, as in the Ceed of more" normal "finishes, It transmits very good sensations. The plastics are padded in the upper areas and somewhat less elaborate and harder in the lower areas, but the truth is that the adjustments are very, very good , not showing crunches even though we press in the corners of elements somewhat favorable to present "crickets".

The only "but" to point out for my part in this design of the interior in the front is that there are several surfaces in gloss black finish , which we already know that traps a lot of dust and fingerprints, so it is difficult to keep it clean and, moreover, scratches with relative ease.

On the other hand, all dashboard controls are well ordered and the main screen of 8 is in a high area and with very good visibility. The dashboard has a light orientation towards the driver , which is always appreciated. The steering wheel is comfortable and with the right touch, although maybe a bit saturated with buttons, so it took a little longer than usual to adapt to the controls.

A bad detail of this body compared to the others two is that backward visibility is lower , especially because of the rear window, since the design has influenced this part a lot and, as I say, visibility has been sacrificed.For their part, the rear seats will allow two other adults of "normal" size to travel comfortably and without stress. It is true that the shape of the roof and the windows reduce some sense of space here behind, but people of 1.85 meters high should have no problems in head and knee room. Five adults, as is usual in this segment, will be very tight.

Meanwhile, and now evaluating its cargo capacity, it almost offers as much space as the Kia Ceed Tourer, the most traditional family body. The trunk cubes 594 liters (200 liters more than the 5 doors and only 6 liters less than the family), which can be 1,545 if we knock down the seats of the rear seats, operation that can be done from the boot itself thanks to some handles. The cargo space is quite large, really. Under the floor there are large compartments to leave more objects.

Trunk Kia ProCeed GT

Kia ProCeed range

The Kia ProCeed is available only with two finishes , which they are the GT-Line sports aesthetic package, and the higher-performance variant called GT , which is the proven one. Regarding the engines, there are three levels of power in gasoline (120, 140 and 204 HP) and only a mechanical diesel (136 HP). All of them come with a 6-speed manual gearbox and, except for the less powerful gasoline version, they can take a double clutch box and 7 speeds, the well known DCT change.

Kia ProCeed GT data ​​span>

 Kia ProCeed GT rear

Compared with its range brothers, the South Korean firm states that the Kia ProCeed GT has a specific set-up which highlights, among other things, specific adjustments of the suspension that reduces the height of the body in 10 mm, larger brake discs and the sport tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4 wider (225/40 18). In addition, they boast of having developed their vehicle on all types of European roads, also passing through the Nürburgring circuit .

Regarding its engine, the GT uses - both in Ceed and in ProCeed- the 1.6 T-GDi propeller of the company, which is a gasoline mechanic with four cylinders and turbocharging. It develops a maximum power of 204 CV at 6,000 rpm, as well as a torque of 265 Nm available between 1,500 and 4,500 laps. The combined consumption in WLTP cycle is 7.4 l/100 km.

The Kia ProCeed GT can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 230 km/h, which is not bad.

Behavior Kia ProCeed GT

The Kia ProCeed GT is not an extreme sports car , it is rather one of those cars that offer greater power, agility and an improved feeling of stability and poise to high speed. That is, he did not want to become a car as "racing" as the Hyundai i30 N, far from it, being more calm and rational.

 Rear profile Kia ProCeed GT

Its engine 1.6 T-GDi of 204 HP has a good thrust on the entire rev counter , as it offers his pair from very low and that helps that it is not necessary to revolutionize it too much to obtain good recoveries.If we have automatic change, it stretches more the gears. In addition, the sound of escape also increases , with a hoarse melody that to me has seemed very funny when listening to it from the outside. In the interior, through the loudspeakers, a greater sound is simulated.

We have been able to drive both the manual version and the 7-speed DCT change. I think that for this type of car the double clutch transmission is more interesting , because it is not a "playful" sports car. On the other hand, this box also makes merits, because it works really well being soft enough in maneuvers at very low speed and then it is fast in gear changes, especially by raising speeds with the Sport mode activated. There are plastic cams attached to the steering wheel for the driver to manage the transmission.

Kia ProCeed dynamic GT

Following the sensations collected on the road during this presentation, the suspension has achieved a great commitment . The body does not tilt too much because the tarado is firmer than in a conventional Ceed and nothing is shown dry when passing over irregularities, such as the famous high zebra crossings or reducing bands. On the motorway it is shown as a comfortable car.

We are going to the circuit!

On the press day, Kia had organized some tests in circuit. We moved to the Castellcoli Parcmotor speed circuit , where we would drive around four times at the wheel of a Kia ProCeed GT, and also perform a timed slalom to check the agility and speed in the changes of support, as well as an emergency braking with dodging on wet ground.

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We'll start with behavior on the track . The Castellolí circuit combines faster and easier areas with slower and more technical ones. Four laps do not give much, but they are enough to get some first conclusions . The habitat of the Kia ProCeed GT is not the circuit, but it does not defend itself badly in it either.

In fast curve it shows plumb and keeps the track safely, letting you notice some inertias Here if bodily inclinations appear, because the speed is quite high and we are on the limit, but the truth is that has not made a single bad gesture .A direction a more direct hair would help to receive better sensations, yes. When leaving slow curves and very low speed we have to be sweet with the steering wheel and the gas to make it easier to drive , because if we are a bit burros, it will lose traction and, therefore, slow down.

One of the characteristics of the Parcolotor Circuit of Castellolí is that it has a lot of unevenness , and some of the strongest braking is done downhill. The brakes are punished enough and, after four laps rolling at a fast pace, on the last turn you could see that the brake pedal was going a little lower than at the beginning , although at that moment it was still holding back with contundentica -continued jumping the ABS if we braked very hard-. In any case, little to object because, as I said, it's not a car that normally goes to circuit.

Dodge maneuvers emergency with Kia ProCeed GT

In the exercise, out of the speed chart, of the emergency braking with dodging and wet ground, the car he was very stable and safe at all times, without sudden or dangerous reactions; although it is not something particularly striking in comparison with other vehicles.

Meanwhile, the slalom consisted in performing a cones exercise, a 180 degree turn with little margin of error, turn around the cones and finally a full braking. The organization timed the test to all the Spanish and other national guests (the presentation is international) and, it is not for putting me medals -or yes-, but a server obtained the best time of the day and of the previous days ... Once again , I believe that a direction more direct would increase the agility at the wheel.


The Kia ProCeed is presented as a striking shooting style alternative , practical and elegant, which also has a good dynamic behavior and high doses of equipment in terms of security-as you can see below./p>

Test Kia ProCeed front profile

Your design is very attractive and, at least from my point of view, much more graceful than the Kia Ceed Tourer, so it's easy for some customers to choose by the shooting brake before by the traditional familiar, since the loss of volume of trunk is minimal.

The main drawback is the price , because it is high because only it is offered with the two top-end finishes . Part of the 28,750 euros (23,720 with discounts) in its more accessible version of 120 hp and goes to 33,700 euros (28,670 with discounts) in the GT sports variant, which is what we have tested.

Therefore, due to the price, only some customers of the family body that were looking for the highest equipment will make the leap to ProCeed .