Skoda unveils the first teaser of its next model, a B-SUV

Skoda B-SUV

The growth in sales and models that the segment is experiencing SUV is unstoppable. Therefore, brands do not want to lose the opportunity to enter it. Seat or Skoda are the ones that are making the most effort, as the Volkswagen Group was going with some delay. The Spanish house, nothing will have its full range, but Skoda still has a little. However, it will not be much, because they have already revealed the first teaser of their next SUV .

If we do a bit of memory, in the past Motor Show of Geneva , we were able to meet Skoda Vision X . This model was part of the urban segment and proudly mounted a hybrid gasoline GNP block. However, those responsible for the Czech brand had to polish its design to make it a "street" model. However, after that, they have published a first, somewhat obscure, preview of what their front will look like.

Design inspired by Vision X

In the image and video spread, we can see that the front design of the SUV of Skoda will be similar to that of Vision X . Thus, it will have optical groups with LED technology divided into two zones: the upper one for daylight and the lower one for crossing and road. In addition, the turn signals are dynamic, showing the technological leap that the Czech brand is experiencing.

Talking about the rest of the design is venturing a lot, as the teaser It's very dark. However, we must recognize the bravery of the brand in its latest releases. The best proof of this is the Scala , which despite the differences, has remained true to the Vision RS prototype. What we can talk about is its technique and even its possible commercial name.

Platform MQB A0 and TSI and TDI engines

 Skoda Vision X

As we all know, it is developed on the MQB A0 platform of the Volkswagen Group. This base is well known for Skoda , as it gives life to Scala. In this way, it will maintain the same mechanical and technical scheme as its brother, as well as with the Seat Arona and Volkswagen T-Cross. Therefore, it will not have a four-wheel drive system and will be moved by gas blocks TSI and TDI of up to 115 or 150 HP.

Your commercial name is still in the air although what is certain is that it will start with "K" In this way, it will maintain the semantic similarity with Karoq and Kodiaq , but nothing more. Rumors indicate that it could be called Kosmiq or Kamiq , although as of today, there is still no confirmed name. All in all, its public debut will take place at the next Geneva Motor Show , so we will know more about it soon.

Source - Skoda

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