Mini celebrates its 60 springs with the special edition "60 Years Edition"

Mini 60 Years Edition

1959 was the year when the first Mini . In its early years it was marketed under the brands Austin and Morris , but little by little, its surname was imposed on the market. Thus, it has arrived until our days, although now under the umbrella of BMW . However, time has passed and in this 2019 the 60th anniversary of this iconic model is fulfilled. Therefore, those responsible for the English brand have decided to launch a special series on the market.

Using the 3 and 5-door bodywork of the current Mini and the Cooper We have the "60 Years Edition" . That it did not reach the Clubman and Countryman was something to expect, since they are models that "go" out of the norm in the brand. Thus, the designers have been able to apply the necessary aesthetic changes , so that the new Mini will remember the original one more than ever.

Design with retro flavor and chic details

 Mini 60 Years Edition

The first thing that stands out is that they have dressed the body in the classic tone green British Racing Green IV . In addition, there are four other options: Midnight Black metallic, Moonwalk Gray metallic, Melting Silver metallic or Mini Yours Lapisluxury Blue. These tones complement the color contrast (white or black) of the roof and the shells of the mirrors .

Outside the Mini 60 Years Edition There are also three details that indicate that we are dealing with a different model. The first is the logo that identifies this version and that is located on the bonnet, front wings and doors. The second are the 17-inch alloy wheels that have six arms. Finally, the longitudinal strips that run along the bonnet, retracing the 1959 model.

Avant-garde interior with classic aroma

 Mini 60 Years Edition

If we go to your interior , we can also see differentiating elements. They emphasize a steering wheel of new design or the front headrests. The sports seats are upholstered in dark brown skin called "Dark Maroon". In addition, when we open the door, the logo of the brand is projected on the floor, creating a special atmosphere.

The equipment of the Mini 60 Years Edition is enriched with several elements. Its optical groups have LED technology, the Union Jack in the rear lights or the Mini Excitement Pack. Regarding its mechanical range, there are four options. The versions Cooper use the gasoline block 1.5 liters of 136 CV and diesel 2.0 liters of 150 HP. The Cooper S iterations employ the 192 hp 2.0 hp engine and the 190 hp 2.0 diesel.

Your marketing starts in the month of March and only a handful of units will arrive in Spain.