Lotus, thanks to Geely, moves tab and will manufacture several models in China

Lotus 3-Eleven 430

Lotus is one of the brands dedicated to the manufacture of sports cars with greater tradition in the world. However, her financial problems had relegated her to a situation that was at least uncomfortable. At least, this was the case until Zhejiang Geely Holding Group acquired a large part of its shareholding. In this way, you will have the second (or third or fourth) opportunity to demonstrate that you can make beautiful, fast and profitable models.

Last year, when you turned your 70th anniversary , It sold worldwide 1,630 units . This figure may seem pyrrhic, but in 2017 it could only register 783 vehicles. Marketing 48 percent more in 2018 compared to 2017 is fine, but Lotus has to increase its numbers urgently. For this, Geely has put a economic plan and very ambitious product on the table. Although it will entail drastic changes.

Lotus bet on China, to keep growing

Lotus Exige Cup 430

The First and foremost is to look towards China . Geely is a native of this land and, as is logical, knows its secrets very well. Therefore, he has authorized Lotus to build a new productive center in the city of Wuhu, in the center of the country. This factory will have a production capacity of 150 thousand units per year and its construction will cost (estimated) 1.8 billion dollars .

Once the factory is running , it is unknown which models will leave the facilities of Hethel (United Kingdom) . The idea pursued by Geely with this productive transfer is the following: to turn Lotus into a manufacturer that can compete with Porsche. Thus, it will leave its small niche to grow in volume , models, quality or sportsmanship. For this, it will be necessary the 2.6 billion dollar package that would already be on the table, and that would result in new models.

The first model of this new offensive will be the SUV that should reach the market in 2020 . From there, the relays of the Elise , Exige and Evora will arrive. In addition, the arrival of a Hypercar is expected as well as new hybrid and electric mechanics. However, we will have to wait for news, because to this day we have not yet seen a single mule of evidence of the whole road that has to face the all-powerful Porsche Cayenne. Time to time.

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